The humaned humans.


The idea of ‘humaned humans’ is an idea I chose to reflect on after being inspired by a tweet earlier this year. Going back through my journals, I found the little tidbit I wrote.

Imagine the great role reversal, larger than any generation has ever seen, where the trees become the humans, and the humans become to trees. Imagine being born sprouted straight from the ground, leaves between our toes and flowers in our hair. Imagine all the souls depicted in bright, abstract colors, dripping from our petals with utmost vivacity. Imagine a world where every being is beautiful, and it becomes what is inside of you that glows, rather than our housing shells. Then imagine, if you will, a strong tree coming along, chopping off all of our limbs. Within an instant, our flowers have died, our deep and lively roots severed to the core, cutting off all of our interconnections. We are screaming, crying, dying. Yet not a sound is heard aside from the ax and it’s deafening chop, for we are humans with no voices; why should there be a choice?

I essentially tried to express this idea in the form of a poem, as that is my usual choice of word flow. The writing of this piece took place after my first AT, during which I experienced something truly moving. It was extremely cold and snowing outside, everything I touched was freezing in reality, yet I felt nothing but warmth when I came into contacts with the trees, and traced my fingers through the snow. I found myself at a nearby tree, my feet planted firmly and the rest of my body leaning outwards, eyes closed, holding onto nothing but the tree. In that moment, I felt a sense of coexistence with everything in the universe around me. My arm began to numb, and what felt like vines or branches began travelling up my arm. I became the tree. Hence, the first fallen tears of the night. Such beauty in nature. :)

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