Death = Progress?


An idea that intrigued me while listening to the Ethereal Experience podcast. 

Does death, in any way, shape or form, symbolize progress? Absolutely. I believe that you will not pass from one body to the next before it is your time unless you have accomplished something of importance, learned something, no matter how big or small, in your lifetime as the the Higher Being giveth, and taketh away. So is death essentially ascending into a higher plane of existence? Or perhaps this ‘progress’ is the fragment of being that you carry on with you into the next life. I fully believe in reincarnation. At times, I wonder how I know how to do something (beyond motor skills) or why I have felt like I’d been to a certain place before. I also believe, however, that it is impossible to reach that level of awareness to know, and that is okay. It would be so far beyond human comprehension to reach back into a part of our existence that is our non-existence, the existence before our existence, and prove that it exists. What happens, though, when you are so far up into your reincarnation cycle that you have 30’s and 40’s of fragments of past lives within you? How does it end, and how did it begin? We must come from something, and if I am a product of reincarnation, then someone came before me. Then someone came before them, and so on, until you get down to the primary source. How did that being of existence come from non-existence? Perhaps the better question to ask regarding the reincarnation cycle is, DOES it end? As we grow in intellect each 10 years or so, is it from previous knowledge known via study by our predecessors, or information that is already instilled in the minds of the reincarnated? Or a combination of both? 


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