Changing Education


Today is a day in which I learned something new about myself; I do not belong in a classroom, sitting in a desk, reading and regurgitating information. I can learn by reading, yes, but in a classroom, it’s simply not the same. So, it is today that I change my mind. Education needs to evolve, as the school system has not been revamped in some fifty years. The very last thing I want is for another child or teenage to feel restricted and confined the way that I do inside of a classroom. However, if we want to change education and the way that kids think, they’re not going to listen to some high school or college student. They, the administration and school boards are going to want to look to someone with credentials, a teacher who is working in the environment. If you can’t change it from the outside, change it from the inside, one step at a time.

The school system currently in session is lacking most predominantly in awareness. It’s crucial to keep children aware of their surroundings and to appreciate at them so that they may apply what they learn in school, to their everyday life. I believe the most important concept to remember overall is perspective. While hiking one Sunday morning, I came face to face with a beautiful example of perspective, and how we overlook it so greatly. I look down below my feet at a small patch of dirt and thought, we have been taught to think that this is ugly because it is not the aspect of nature that is lively with vibrant flowers and perfectly green grass. It being just a small patch of dirt, that is okay. What’s not is okay is that we are not taught about perspective. That small patch of “ugly” dirt is the foundation for a radiant foliage of trees. Everything we see is in the way we look at it. We choose now simply not to look. The world has seen it’s fair share of ugly things and is far from perfect,, but my mom has recently reminded me that everything is beautiful when you look at it with the eyes of love of humanity. It warms my heart to know that there is still love in this world. You have to step back and take perspective to realize it. Yes, there is war, poverty and kids struggling in school right now because it’s not the way that is best for them to learn and yes, there are people sitting at their office jobs slumming it just to get by, but then there are people like myself who are chasing knowledge everyday and not settling for the mediocre activity. Everyday, more and more people are waking up. How beautiful is that?

Overachieving is a trait that we are sadly taught from the very beginning of our schooling. Since Kindergarten, I’ve been taught that I must be the very best at everything that I do, but for all the wrong reasons. I used to be enrolled in a load of honors classes. Yes, I could do the work, I am absolutely smart enough to complete the course, but I began to ask myself why I was doing it. It was all for the image. Being African-American, the amount of people that think I’m brainless are more than I can count. “Honors American Literature? Seriously, you?”. I craved that tone of disbelief in their voices, but I realized that my only purpose in those classes was to give myself a label as an honors student and to prove that I was good enough. The year that I was enrolled in the bulk of my honors classes, I was drowning. All that school work and no free time. I didn’t have many friends, I was unhappy and I was sick all of the time from not eating regularly. I didn’t even feel smart, really. To this day, I don’t think I’ve truly learned anything from those classes, yet this past semester, I dropped every honors course I was taking and started using the extra free time I had to educate myself on things that would benefit me in the long run and that I deemed valuable. I felt smarter and more alive than ever. My grades were the worst they’ve ever been in my entire life at that time, but I was learning more than ever. How could that be? Because to be educated under the current school system is to remember. To truly be educated is to know. A 4.0 cannot measure the fact that I can write 30 pages of flowing thought in one sitting. It measures your ability to regurgitate information that’s shoved down your throat three weeks at a time. So these overachievers– they spend all this time remembering information to ace the upcoming test, and what do they gain from that? The highest children in class rank could in fact be the least smart people you know.

Education is such a powerful tool and an even more powerful system. In order to change it, we must envision something to change it to. We must put action behind our words. There are many changes I’d like to see regarding the school system, but most importantly, I’d like to focus on broadening the way in which we are taught and learn. I’ve unlocked a part of my mind that others may never get to through a self-educating journey, and others may never get to that. I want to see the school system evolve to a point where this journey takes place in a classroom and the focus is on real, useful education. In my classroom, grades will never be the focus. The learning process works from all aspects. A teacher can learn the same amount from a student as they can teach. That is something that is not acknowledged or appreciate in today’s society. The best thing a student could teach the teachers of the United States right now are how to think outside the box. Each day, we are literally placed in a box and instructed to learn how each authoritative figure in the room deems fit. There is one way of learning; at 7am, on a block schedule by taking notes and then taking tests.The curriculum is strictly based around a list of skills we’re expected to know before graduation day. What teachers nowadays need to learn is how to make connections and apply what is said to be valuable in the classroom, in the outside world. We are so extremely limited in what we learn and the way that we learn. I have a friend who says it would be easier for her to learn at night, simply because she is not a morning person. I find that I learn better through lectures followed by a discussion followed by a connection or experience in the outside world to make it stick. Have you ever considered why it is that kids seem to calm down after a certain age? It’s not their age, it’s after a certain amount of schooling and medication. If you’re bouncing around with energy in class, every adult in the room wants to claim that you have ADHD and basically hand your parents a prescription. Administrators utilize oppression as their weapon against kids with wild minds and flowing ideas. By kids, I mean young children. I have a nephew as young as 7 years old on ADHD medication already. We are taught to settle down, to repress our tendencies, and it’s sad that smaller kids don’t know any better than to listen. How very awful it is, that we teach the children of our world to tone down the fire of passion in their beings.

Education could change everything. Scratch that, education will change everything. Instead of spending millions of dollars to drop bombs and shoot our enemies, we should be investing that money. Investing money in the education of a child is the smartest thing a government could do. Why are there millions of people poor, on the street and without jobs? Lack of education, causing lack of inspiration, causing lack of opportunity. The government that controls the school system has the power to open these doors. Get kids off the streets, help them find their purpose and get them learning. That’s one peaceful revolution. Get kids who are already in school, the option to learn what they want to learn in a way that’s best for them in high school and beyond without bankrupting them. That’s peaceful revolution number two. With education, these same kids will begin to think for themselves. Act as their guiding force rather than a dictating one and we can know a better world. How? That 8 year old who you’re forbidding to read in class or write or hang upside down on the monkey bars is going to grow up to be a very bored accountant, hate school and most of all, hate learning. But, let that same child write and read until they’re blue in the face and explore the wonders of the world, and they could turn out to change the world. What does your mind think when it is not taught what to think? You don’t know until you’ve broken the cycle and explored what’s trapped in your mind. It’s all about the chain reaction. The fantasy book little Jimmy is reading in class could make him believe in the fact that anything is possible, giving him confidence to pursue a theory even though may fail. So then Jimmy grows up, in the education system that I imagined possible. He graduates high school, moves on to college and along the way is outside hiking with his buddies and comes across a strange leaf. He picks it up, takes it home with him and while cutting up some vegetables for dinner that night, accidentally cuts his finger. There are no bandages around, so he grabs the leaf he picked up today and applies it to the wound to stop the bleeding. He looks down and sees that it has stopped immediately– some chemical in the leaf, perhaps? It was crazy, but it was possible. So Jimmy takes the leaf to his college lab and runs some tests– he has discovered a natural way to clot blood, which could lead to the cure for hemophilia. How crazy is that? We are so powerful in our minds, especially when we utilize our intelligence. Imagine if all the power and potential began to flow freely, uninterrupted in each of our minds around the age of 5 or 6. By the time an entire generation has grown up without the limitation of their thoughts, I wouldn’t doubt that we could’ve found the cure for cancer. I believe the answer to some of lifes mysteries like cancer are right in front of us. It is somewhere locked in the depths of someones mind, waiting to be retrieved and explored. They are locked in a cage that somebody else has built for us, and it is we who hold the key.


Show Me Your Flow


The notification I received this morning at 7am was a quote from an app I have called Transform Your Life. It’s goal is to help guide you through a year of awareness. Anyway, this morning the quote was, “What would people think about if people weren’t taught what to think?”. said by Arthur Morgan. There are many ways you can look at this quote, and sitting in a classroom, the first thought that came to my mind was how overtime we have been programmed to think a certain thing. Every morning, the majority of us wake up and think, “Ugh. I’m so tired and I have to get up and work my day job or go to class.” And when you’re bored, what do you immediately do? Turn on your xbox and play GTA 5, surf through twitter, or call up your friends to hang out. But why? My thought process tells me that there has to be some way, scientifically speaking, that can explain why technology acts as some sort of brainwashing mechanism. I’m not a psychologist, scientist or any type of profession that would help explain it, but to me, it would make sense for the energy waves that are given off into the air from laptops, televisions, cell phones and microwaves have some affect on our brain waves. I don’t think they necessarily give off certain waves that reverse what is going on in our heads, I believe they stop the flow. When you’re sitting in front of a TV, you’re not getting angry or sad, you’re just numb and watching. Overtime that has done some damage to the part of our brains that allows boundless creativity and limitless craving for exploration. In retrospect, our thoughts are never our own (we just have them), so we may never be able to truly think “freely”, however, we also should not be okay with this narrow scope of brain power we exert everyday. What does the average student do? Get up at 6:30 in the morning, drag themselves to school in their sleep deprived state, sit in a desk for four hours, eat shit food for lunch which will make them more tired, more class, go home after the entire day is nearly over, eat a snack, do MORE work for school, eat dinner, shower, and by that time it’s 8 or 9 o’clock. How much human interaction is going on during the day, do you think? I read somewhere that on average, a child/teenager may talk to their parents for 20 minutes total per day. What is that about? Bulldozing through 20 minutes of small talk over dinner and then parting your ways, off to your various forms of technology. So then you grab your fancy iPhone and communicate with your friends through texting and social networking; but about what? Have you ever sat back and thought, why are we talking about this? Or better yet– why AREN’T we discussing this? There is such a vast array of knowledge in the world and sources overflowing with current events, why is that not being talked about? A couple of months ago, and even sometimes still, I had days where I would sit back and think, what the hell am I doing? And the answer is, nothing. The hour I just spent scrolling through twitter or staring off into space, what is that time? Wasted, and for what? We are all so worried about how short life is and this internal schedule we’re on, when we waste so much time participating in mind-numbing activities. Your mind is a muscle that never grows tired. If you’re really big into working out and you discover that your arms never get tired, wouldn’t you utilize your arms to the best of your ability, as often as possible? There would be no purpose in letting them wither away when they have ample opportunity to be useful. Why waste all of that potential? After working four 8 hours a day in a school or at a desk job, whatever it is you do for the majority of your day, we believe we are exhausted, this being the reason why we come home and glue ourselves to a television. Nowadays, we call that “relaxing”. We are simply too comfortable. When you sleep for a long time, let’s say 14 hours, you’ve allowed your body to rest for too long. You become comfortable, and you’re groggy for the rest of the day– am I right? Sadly, yes. We’re only causing damages to ourselves by circling in this perpetual state of comfortableness. When is the last time you decided you wanted to learn something new, or got up and did something for the first time? I can truthfully say that I experienced a first only 4 days ago. I went hiking with my bestfriend. A day prior to that, I went to the city museum and climbed through caves (I got claustrophobic and stopped, but I still did it) and slid down a 3 story tall slide, though I’m afraid of heights. I decided to try all of these new things because I’m waking up further and further out of this deep sleep I’ve been in everyday, and I don’t want to be stuck or programmed. When I’m bored now, I’ll sit down and write, read a book, watch a documentary, do some yoga or find new music. We have been brainwashed into loving sitting in front of a screen, numbing our minds rather than exercising them and obtaining knowledge.On another note, I’m not suggesting that reading all day is the way to  live– Wrong. You can also live and learn through experience, which involves going outside and doing something. Go exercise, go to the zoo, the park, whatever you’d like. I have this innate craving to be outside, so for me, all I have to do is walk outside of my door and suddenly, I’m okay. That’s not everybody though, and I believe it’s because we have not all been taught proper respect and appreciation for nature. Think about how often you’re outside on a typical day– from the time you leave your door, till the time you open your car door. You open your car door to walk inside of your school or place of work, then once again to leave and go home. You may stop at the store or the gas station, but in total, that’s 15-20 minutes you spend outside per day. Here’s a thought– how disgusting have we made the world we live in with all the pollution and such among us, that we only want to be outside for 20 minutes maximum per day? This past week, I’ve tried to be outside as much as possible, especially because it’s been beautiful weather wise. I went to the zoo, I hiked, I decided to walk a couple of places instead of drive, etc. We don’t always have to be up and moving, though. If you have to do homework and the sun is shining, sit on your porch and do it with all of nature’s radiance surrounding you. If you and your friends are hungry, grab a picnic and make a day out of it. If we all remember once a day to step back and enjoy the sunlight and the energy the plants give off, you’ll experience a sense of Oneness that is surreal. When I went hiking, I believed it would be too cold, a little awkward and I would be far too focused on hiking to make conversation, deeming our trip pointless. I have never been so happy to be wrong in my life. We got our there, wandered for a bit in the sandy river area and then my best friend and I found a 3-3.5 mile long trail and went at it. We talked about nature, we talked about silence and then we actually stood in the silence, and we connected in a way that I haven’t seen our friendship reach in a very long time. Our conversations felt endless, like there was an everlasting train of thought in each of our minds. This got me thinking– we left our phones and iPods in the car, so there was virtually no form of technology out there.What if the reason in which we could converse so naturally is because our brain flow was uninterrupted, and because we were only surrounded by natural, free flowing things? Again, going back to the energy waves in technology stopping the flow in our minds. It’s like a dam, when you stop the flow of knowledge and deprive ourselves of that thriving energy, we eventually explode. We must not allow ourselves to clog up our minds. Instead, utilize the outlets we are given. I often wonder what it is that others do when they get home in their free time. I want to know what gets them going, where their flow picks up and how they release themselves. For me, it’s this. Sit me down for two hours, plant one thought in my mind and I can give you 10 pages of material. That is my flow.

Overrated Concepts of Spirituality


The notion of ‘deleting’ the ego is highly misunderstood. We need not ‘delete’ the ego, but release ourselves from it. When it harnesses you in it’s power and darkens the aura around you, remember to release it. The importance of reaching the path of Enlightenment and to approaching a plane of higher consciousness is to realize that we are not our ego. We have egos, that is in the inevitable truth, it is a part of our human condition. Yet, we are not our egos. Speak and live with your soul; compassion, integrity, ambition, gratefulness, love; these are emotions of our existence that come from within. Your ego tends to cloud these emotions by instilling anger, fear or jealousy into your mind. Overcome that. Learn that you are not your temper tantrum or the fear of failure. You are the grateful cosmic being who sees past the face of anger, breaks the facade of the ego and is able to embrace the soul from every aspect and bathe in it’s divine quality. Another notion of spirituality that is highly overrated is the eternal existence of ‘good vibes. In the past, recent past I might say, I have believed in the existence of good vibes ONLY. I believe firmly that we should aim to keep things light, and if there is a brighter side, look to it, do not dwell in what you cannot change. However, I experience a breakdown just a few short weeks ago from an overabundance of this thought. While I kept the idea of good vibes ONLY flowing through my system, I didn’t allow myself any negative thought. In the moment, this was a good idea. Inhale the good, exhale the bad and move on. But that didn’t mix well with my internal being. Instead of removing the negativity energy from my being, I harnessed it by suppressing it and pretending it did not exist. This kind of thing takes a lot out of a person; it’s like filling up a hot air balloon. Too much of it, and it will burst. As a being on this earth, humanity is an innate condition of ours. Part of the human condition is expressing your feelings, being okay with openness and vulnerability. By abiding by the concept of good vibes ONLY, I was suppressing the emotions naturally given to me. Everything you feel is meant to be expressed, how you express it is a choice made by you. It’s okay to feel sad, but the choice is to acknowledge the emotion of sadness without pushing it away, or dwell on your feeling of sadness, wallow in it and allow it to manifest and darken your aura, is yours. I’m growing within myself and developing the ability to be okay with saying, I am sad. Today, I am not feeling all of my goddess potential, and that is okay. It is the sorrow, the the disappointment, the loneliness we may feel from time to time that allows us to appreciate light when it is shed upon our darkness. Simply do not allow this darkness to take over your being. Be sparing. Not negativity, but acknowledgement.

The Language of Love


The power of love may come at you from every which way. It is today, through a very short exchange with a friend that I realized it’s power is everlasting and prevails in various forms. Today, I woke up swollen in my mind with more positive affirmations than I have ever had before and vibrating at such a high level that it is radiating off of me. My personality craves affection and vice versa, craves to dole out affection. When I feel this sense of high energy, my first instinct is to share my good fortune with the world, namely my friends and family. The positivity that I handed out today was of course accepted with gratitude and humbleness from the people in my life. However, there was one person who made me see a little bit differently. A girl who is like a sister to me who I’ve known since I was in the fourth grade kept coming back at my overly loving comments (because I come on very strong at times) with jokes, keeping things light. I asked her why, getting frustrated that she didn’t return love in the same way. She simply said, we express our love in different ways. It was then that I realized, love knows all. Love communicates on different planes of existence at different frequencies and is shown according to YOU, and that is okay. Like I said, this girl is like a sister to me, and I know that I love her from one end of the earth to another, and her the same for me. Yet, we communicate and express our love through butt touches and spongebob jokes. In the past, it may have made me feel disconnected, a bit isolated from her, but today, I woke up with a more open mind and approached the situation accordingly. You cannot force the outer-communication of love. It flows how the outside beings choose to flow, it can be altered, controlled. However, the intercommunication of love is what is striking, natural. Through trust, belief, and action, I know in my heart when I am loved. It doesn’t take reassurance or a bout of words to tell me that there is love thriving inside myself and all around me. I know love.  My biggest mistake was creating a sense of entitlement, as if my friend was obligated, or expected to return the expression in the way that I wanted her to because I was reaching out with my good vibes. The purpose of love is not to love and expect love in return. Love unconditionally, and pull others into your light. The reward of showing someone love is getting to feel that connection to a person in itself. Stop yourself from seeking assurance. Deal cards of love and compassion and receive them back tenfold, in a way you may not expect.

Death = Progress?


An idea that intrigued me while listening to the Ethereal Experience podcast. 

Does death, in any way, shape or form, symbolize progress? Absolutely. I believe that you will not pass from one body to the next before it is your time unless you have accomplished something of importance, learned something, no matter how big or small, in your lifetime as the the Higher Being giveth, and taketh away. So is death essentially ascending into a higher plane of existence? Or perhaps this ‘progress’ is the fragment of being that you carry on with you into the next life. I fully believe in reincarnation. At times, I wonder how I know how to do something (beyond motor skills) or why I have felt like I’d been to a certain place before. I also believe, however, that it is impossible to reach that level of awareness to know, and that is okay. It would be so far beyond human comprehension to reach back into a part of our existence that is our non-existence, the existence before our existence, and prove that it exists. What happens, though, when you are so far up into your reincarnation cycle that you have 30’s and 40’s of fragments of past lives within you? How does it end, and how did it begin? We must come from something, and if I am a product of reincarnation, then someone came before me. Then someone came before them, and so on, until you get down to the primary source. How did that being of existence come from non-existence? Perhaps the better question to ask regarding the reincarnation cycle is, DOES it end? As we grow in intellect each 10 years or so, is it from previous knowledge known via study by our predecessors, or information that is already instilled in the minds of the reincarnated? Or a combination of both? 


Tick, tock. Tick, tock.


The generation i’m a part of, the mindset that i’m in, I have so many ideas and so many thoughts and creative patterns and methods and things of all sorts that I want to share with the world, but I don’t know how and I don’t have the time; another limitation set by man. We don’t have the TIME. My average day is: wake up at 7am, get ready for school, attend school and not get home until roughly 3pm, then I have to make sure I eat properly, shower, do my homework, make sure my room is clean, most likely do MORE homework, stalk my grades and bug my teachers incessantly about a 1% change that will define whether I have an a or a b, worry about appearances, get stuck on websites online shopping because I feel imperfect, try to keep things whole with my family, get a good hours worth of exercise and by the time i settle down for the day, it’s 9pm, on a standard productive day in the eyes of my successors. If I want to make MYSELF feel productive, make the day i’m living, the air i’m breathing and all the energy I am harnessing worth it, I stay up past 9pm, often until 1 or 2 in the morning, reading, writing, downloading music, laughing, painting, drawing, learning, reading blogs, enjoying the company, thoughts and knowledge of other people as well as the sensations around me. Then i’m exhausted the next day, and it begins a vicious and lazy cycle. These are all things that time LIMITS. We don’t have any time to do what we love anymore. Each and every day i grow angrier and more frustrated that i’m in my 17th year of life and it feels like all of this time is wasted because we don’t have time. The time we do have, we do not have. It is simply not possible for us to go on not loving what we do and how we spend our concept of time. It is simply not possible for me. I understand obligation and responsibility. I understand the standard of education– I am very familiar and very appreciative of it. i agree that we should be educated our entire lives–i’m not asking for less schooling, or less education. In fact, the opposite, i’m asking for more. More education does NOT mean more time, it means spending time learning the things that are are beneficial to ourselves. I believe in the introduction of ideas. Your elementary and middle school years, and perhaps a year following that, like your decision year, should include an exploration of subjects and ideas. We are taught 4 core classes, history, science, math and english. That’s it. I want to see children learning about mindfulness and awakening in consciousness and the study of photography, how to write a really beautiful poem, how to mix a song on a soundboard, how to blow your own glass, yoga, things that seem out of this world to our successors but are prevalent in our world right now. Something that can feel passionate about. At such a young age, I think we should have our children open to options farther than math and science. That is not to say that one cannot be passionate about subjects that are based mostly on fact like math or science, it is to say that there should be more than four options offered to children. Starting them out at that young age, their minds are open and they’re ready for knowledge. By the time you’re my age or well into your young adulthood, ideas that haven’t been introduced to you are completely foreign, and so we stay away from them. I’ve never been an entirely analytical person, and have always loved reading and writing, but have I ever thought that I would be experiencing an AT, reading about New Age philosophy and the interdependence of cosmic beings? Absolutely not. My mind wasn’t ready for something so new. Should the time we give to education be wasted by only learning through one narrow scope of concept? There are people out there that go through 10 years of schooling beyond high school to get their PhD’s, mBa’s, all of these fancy expensive degrees that they will spend their entire lives paying for with the money that they’re making– or not making. These people can’t even go out and get internships at hospitals with their doctorate degrees! They can’t make a living because of the limited number of jobs. And they’re thinking with all of their student loans, “well, now what?” There are an infinite number of artists, learners, thinkers, readers, writers, singers. Each and every one is different. You can easily program a child at a young age to punch out the numbers in a calculator correctly, and 18 years later, make a career out of it. It is inhumane, robotic and almost morbid what we do to ourselves, our kids, and what we allow to happen to us. We are not stupid hippies and underdeveloped frontal lobe-d young adults. We are the future, we are the coming and prevailing generation that will be stuck cleaning up your mess of a civilization. We are pulsing to change the “everything you know”. Think about what you are able to achieve when you let go of this obligation we are all feeling. When you let yourselves fall from limitations, when you take the time to smile every time you see the color yellow, you can feel these limitations falling away. When you let yourself go, and your mind begins to flourish and the thoughts and ideas flow from every which way, they do not come in the form of one subject. It is math, it is science, it is art, it is philosophy, it is farming, it is engineering, all flowing and rushing together because you let yourself go from the limitation of FEAR. You no longer FEAR what you may know. If we have 7 billion minds flowing with that much vivacity, overall intensity within the universe, such lovely things could come to be. We are limited by the limited that are the limited. The slow, cruel hands of time set on humanity’s clock are ticking every second, leaving you less and less time to let this fear go. Let it go. You are so much freer when you realize the energy and the power you possess. The potential you hold, the places you can go, the things you can see, and learn, and teach are endless. They are fucking infinite and some of us have no clue. Wake up, my revolting young generation. A change of pace is in order. (And isn’t that great? How we will begin a revolution is through new ideas, art, books, developments in science, the density of a human being. A peaceful revolution. That’s mind blowing.)

I am starving.


It’s discerning, the madness occurring in the world right now. As a young adult during this age and time, it is the depravity of knowledge and an outlet for creativity that i’m hungry for. I am furious, livid at the world we live in. Our limitations enslave us, and lack of limitation is the key to freedom. We view our futures in this terribly narrow scope, setting ourselves up for mediocrity because we can’t help but follow in the footsteps of our successors, our parents. If you’re lucky, you’ve got parents who will back you up and you will always have a crutch. Not all of us get that. For me, if I go into real estate and major in business and communications like I know my dad will approve of, I will always have his support. I will always have two arms to fall back into if the economy continues going downhill, and most of us are unemployed or underpaid. However, this isn’t what I want to do with my life. If i want to be a street artist, or a yoga instructor, or a travelling teacher, or major in art science, i’ll be out on a limb on my own. if I fail, it’s because it’s a “dying field” that I’m pursuing or because I didn’t put enough work into it, or as my dad says over and over again, you don’t understand, you don’t understand. But I do. I understand the societal and communal limitations that are placed upon us, by us. We are the enslaving force and the enslaved. I can choose to go out on that limb, I can choose to live a full and innovative life the way I want to, rather than conforming to the wishes of the people around me and living what to me is essentially lifeless. To do such a thing is far easier said than done. In order to complete this act, you have to go against almost everything you have ever known. Since you were  born, it has been instilled in our minds what our parents may influence to do, what is going to be the safest job, the best paying, and the least painful. To pursue an act that may not seem idealistic to your family or the economic situation you wish to be in is the scariest thing a human being may ever do; risking failure, becoming vulnerable. Most of us are not willing to take that chance, out of lack of faith in ourselves and also in humanity. You don’t see the average person walking down the street appreciating their surroundings or in the average home, a collection of art personalized to themselves, novels specifically hand-picked by their owner. We see technology, and random still life hanging on the walls as ‘fillers’ for decoration. We not only want knowledge, we want art and we want appreciation for it. By art, i mean anything. if you read, write, create music, paint, draw, sculpt, act, blog, do yoga, teach, spread your good vibes across the world, that is art in my eyes. that is creativity in it’s finest element. We are starving, there isn’t enough of these elements circling through the universe at it’s current state and time.